Hot Fuzz ★★★½

Cornettos are overrated ice cream; Hot Fuzz is anything but. My main reason for thinking favourably of the film is simple: its laughs per minute ratio is amongst the highest that I have encountered on my cinematic journey, plus it holds up well upon re-watch (even more so than Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End, the two other entries of the trilogy). Edgar Wright’s visually comedic style of filmmaking is so accomplished in this action-comedy that its parody take on the genre achieves greater results than the competition does straightforwardly. It is in the smallest of moments that the British writer slash director manages to create a joke. Basically, there are zero dead moments in it. Every frame is utilised as a fresh throwback to a previously established running joke or as a platform for setting up new ones. Notwithstanding, or perhaps precisely because of, this pacing, Hot Fuzz feels a bit long (two hours is actually a rather extended runtime for an action-comedy I think), but who cares when the movie is this expertly put together? Even the cameos work excellently!

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