Jurassic Park III

Jurassic Park III ★★★★

Paul and Amanda Kirby lost their son Erik on the second Jurassic Park island. They enlist the help of palaeontologist Alan Grant to rescue him, although Alan thinks he's only brought along for an aerial tour. As could be expected, things quickly turns into a survival mission.

I'm a simple man. When I see a Jurassic Park film with Sam Neill to boot, I'm gonna have a good time with it. Jurassic Park III is the culmination of a series evolving increasingly towards pure survival horror, and it does a very solid job at it; it's fast-paced, diverse in its 'monster' threats, and over and done with within one and a half hour. With that evolution comes plenty of dumb plot-holes of course. Why is the island so easily accessed by everybody? Why does the army come to save Dr. Grant, but not Eric? The nuance of the first film is lost and replaced by pure dino action.

I'm just too much of a dino fan to not still like it a lot.

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