Léon: The Professional ★★★★½

“This is from Mathilda.”

Jean Reno, a thirteen-year-old Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman. This trio rocks Léon, managing to give heartfelt personality to an ‘action’ movie (although this aspect of the story mainly situates itself in the opening and closing fifteen minutes — some great fucking minutes that is). This film really is an has-it-all: the drama, the action, the happiness, the sadness, motherfucking Stansfield. Léon is the sort of film that inspires people to delve deeper into the medium of cinema; it’s the sort of film that sparks initial love for movies. The sort of film that you watch when fifteen and think of as awesome because of how calm and cool the protagonist is or cool and tense the villain, only to return to it years later and experience the complexities it has to offer, and then still think it’s awesome. It’s Luc Besson’s only great picture and one may rightfully ask what has since happened to the director that so meticulously created one of the best films within the genre (and beyond it as well) of all time. Doesn’t matter though, Leon is here to stay. Léon is life. Watch out however, he’s there to take it as well.

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