Room ★★½

Still undecided on what was worse: the kidnapping and raping and stuff, or that miserable amount of Lego Jack got to play with after their escape. Pretty disappointed with what this picture has to offer besides the concept. Lenny Abrahamson wants to touch upon a lot of topics (the media, suicide, the child’s development, the ‘father’, former relationships), which is natural when so many are at hand thanks to the concept, but he does little more than just that: touching upon them. I wish he had picked one, maybe two, of them and had dropped the rest, because as it is now Room does very little for me emotionally. There is a lot wrong with the escape as well, which is too bad, since it is in a sense the pivotal scene of the movie (spoilers ahead). Old Nick demands to see if Jack is really dead in room, but once he has stepped outside and has all the chance to do so, he neglects it. Then he does not look through his rear view mirror during the ride, which is rather strange as well when you are transporting the supposedly dead son of the woman you kidnapped in the back of your pick-up truck. And finally he thinks it is best to act the role of kidnapper actively in front of someone who initially assumes he is the kid’s dad. That is a lot of stupidity for someone clever enough to hide, and stay safe from, the woman he kidnapped for seven years.

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