Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★

100-word review: Ah, the Spider-Man film which establishes that Venom symbiosis transforms its host into a cocky Panic at the Disco groupie. The one that's severely overstuffed (three adversaries, two love interests, and character arc redoes for everyone), and is a "let's see what sticks" sort of messy. And yet, on this rewatch, I kinda dug it. While these character developments (which this trilogy lives off) don't always progress towards my preferred direction, they arrive, after quite a juggle, at a satisfactory conclusion. And the jazz bar scene is, unironically, a piece of cinema that will forever linger in my memory.

Part of my November 2021 Into Sony’s Spider-Verse challenge; 3rd out of 10 films.

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