The Cremator

The Cremator ★★★

100-word review: Little horror of the gruesome kind to be found in this illustrious example of Czechoslovak New Wave, but plenty of the kind that's scary by virtue of witnessing a horrible descend into madness. Kopfrkingl as a representation of Nazi propaganda and it's brainwashing effect is eminent; proudly professing his love for his wife and his abstinences, while drinking and visiting prostitutes. The final scenes are most chilling, especially Kopfrkingl's enthusiasm for the idea of gas chambers to "liberate" souls faster than his crematorium can. Lastly, The Cremator's erratic editing and black-and-white cinematography further parallel Kopfrkingl's (declining) mental state.

Part of the September & October 2022 Hooptober 9.0 challenge; 6th out of 31 films.

6 countries [Czechoslovakia] (3/6)
8 decades [1960s] (4/8)

2 insect centered films (1/2)
1 horror film set in space or the future (0/1)
2 animated films (1/2)
1 bloodthirsty old person/people film (0/1)
2 1970s regional US films (0/2)
1 the worst, unseen, accessible sequel from the 1990s (0/1)
1 German silent (0/1)
5 films from Cronenberg or West (0/5)
2 Christopher Lee films (0/2)
1 film with a musician or band in it (0/1)
1 Stephen King adaptation (0/1)
1 Lon Chaney film (0/1)
1 Tobe Hooper film (0/1)

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