The Drop ★★½

I’ll watch anything with Tom Hardy in it, even if he’s playing a less articulate and slightly mentally retarded brother of Viggo Mortensen in A History of Violence. Our man, Bob, is a bartender in a so-called drop-bar. What is a drop-bar you might ask? Well Bob explains that to us while the opening credits roll. A drop-bar is a bar owned by some high-ups from the urban underground that functions as an informal and temporal storage for the city’s dirty money, which is then every once in a while collected by the king of the streets. An interesting plot to begin with, but not much of an interesting movie made from it. On the basis of its poster, you’d expect a stylish action flick, but The Drop plays out much more like a slow-burn thriller: one that’s perhaps a bit too slow for its own good. Also, this film features the most useless detective in all crime/drama history, the title of which goes to John Ortiz (seriously, what the fuck). Tom hardy is fine nevertheless. One might ask how many different voices are in his repertoire.