The Passion of the Christ ★★½

Mel Gibson’s adaptation of the spiciest chapter in the popular novel entitled ‘The Holy Bible’ made somewhat of a buzz a decade ago. I am not much of a reader myself and have as such only read bits and pieces of it, but judging from what I’ve just seen I think his take was quite faithful (pun intended) to the source material. Okay joking aside, I hope I didn’t insult anybody with this jokey opener, but if so forgive me for trying to lighten the mood a little after what must be one of the most horrific films that I ever endured. I respect Mel Gibson as a film-maker; his vision is grand and his productions are epic. Just like ‘Apocalypto’ - actually even more so - this is a picture that matters and not just because of some controversy, but because it is a perfect movie for what it wants to be. The question is whether it is the movie I want it to be and about that I’m not entirely sure. I praise the team behind this for the level of detail that has been put into designing every detail of the costumes, the set pieces and the array of attributes. I also praise the manner of filming; the cinematography conveyed the brutality of what was shown flawlessly. I am not even that sure what’s stopping me from calling this a masterpiece, other than that it is a film that seems to be made to admire, but unable to adore. Still I am glad to have seen it.

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