Winter's Bone ★★½

Fourth watch of Buddy the Elf. In 2010, Jennifer Lawrence broke through, with what probably still stands as her most acclaimed performance, as Ozark Mountain girl Ree in Winter’s Bone. It seems as if every movie featuring her since then has been a smash-hit, either at the box-offices or at (Oscar) awards (or both). But it all began as Ree: the seventeen years old who lives her life in a though social (and physical) environment, filled with ‘simple’ folks, violent individuals and drugs sealers (her father being one of them). Winter’s Bone is bleak. It shows the bad sides of people and almost never the good ones. It is a sparse drama and scenes take long to open up, but never seem to reach any crescendo. For those elements, it has often been described as a movie that gets under your skin. Either I have an elephant’s skin or I was simply left unaffected. In other words, I can’t say that Winter’s Bone satisfied my towering expectations: a bit of a let-down even. That aside, I’m so glad this movie exists for it has brought us one of the most promising actresses of the last couple of years who is already fulfilling that promise as we speak.

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