La Haine

La Haine ★★★★★

Absolutely love how this tackles the theme of America’s glorification of gun violence in pop culture, and how that ultimately impacts countries that have entirely different relationships with firearms.

Vinz’ obsession with action movies, (quoting Travis Bickle or arguing what gun Gibson uses in Lethal Weapon) the gangster life of American rap groups like NWA, and even referencing famous American political figures— all show how disconnected he is with the reality of french political atmosphere. His dissociation between his U.S based fairy-land and the actuality of his own country are the reasons that constantly cause him to act-out and get into trouble. This only leads to more hatred for police and their sympathisers and then the cycle continues. 

Just like the theme I mentioned, the movie explores half a dozen others that I have never seen investigated in the film medium before, and am already looking forward to going back and dissecting this excellent film for a long time.

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