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  • Woman Unveiled

    Woman Unveiled

    It's always nice to see Setsuko Hara and Kyoko Kagawa, but I'll be honest, this was nauseating-- dialogue heavy with direction and editing not to my taste.

  • Early Spring

    Early Spring


    Early Spring is two films: one, it's a superb rumination on the disillusionment of corporate salaryman life; and two, it's Ozu's ultimate husband-wife marriage film. The main characters in this movie are tired people. They are tired because they have the same routine every day. They are tired because they are bored and overworked. They are tired because their only child died. This might be the most tired movie in the history of cinema, and that's why its length as…

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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Late Spring belongs to that small category of films which are among the greatest movies ever made. All of Ozu's cinematic language comes together at last ... the bike ride on the beach, the train, the elision into ambiguity, the crowd of people funneling into a small space, empty mirrors, passageways, a woman with a wildly violent and eccentric smile saying the most brutal, incongruous things.

    Chishu Ryu gives the greatest father speech of all-time near the end of this…

  • The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

    The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

    The titular final sequence is outstanding, of course, but Early Spring is Ozu's definitive marriage film, and as far as nieces going to visit Aunt and Uncle goes, I much prefer watching Michiko Kuwano boozing it up with geisha and falling in love with a bad math tutor in What Did The Lady Forget?