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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    I couldn't wait to finally see this movie today, and thank fucking god, Yorgos Lanthimos didn't disappoint me here.

    This movie made me laugh a lot. And I need to point that out especially, because it's tremendously hard to make me laugh. The only ways are fart jokes, and extremely dark humor. Thank god the movie choosed the second option. If you drop words like fuck or cunt in that amount, I can't resist to love it.

    The movie looks…

  • Burning



    Well, fuck. I did expect something good, but that was way beyond that.

    Where do I even start? Over two hours long and it is a real slow burner (pun intended).Even I was skeptical at the start. I didn't know nothing about the film beforehand, so I was asking myself after some time when will the movie starts to get going. Without realizing how Lee Chang-dong built his world and his characters with nearly perfection already from the beginning. The…

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  • Once



    Sunday Movie Club
    Movie Nr. 5
    Choosen by Gibbsy

    It hurts me that this won't be a proper review because of my internet situation. This movie deserves all my attention.

    After the first minutes I was sure that I won't care about any romance or drama that might come. I already fell in love with the music and the craftsmanship around it.
    I love music and I play the guitar myself and movies like this gives me everything I could ask for.

    Was there anything besides the music? I honestly didn't care ..
    Awesome movie, perfect length and outstanding music .. thank's Gibbsy

  • John Carter

    John Carter


    I have no internet right now, and I hate to write on my phone .. so bear with me and some short reviews over the next days.

    2012 wasn't the best year to make a movie full of CG .. it doesn't look good. The more of a surprise that the movie was entertaining nonetheless.

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    There are many stories around Queen or Freddie Mercury that could result in a good movie. But who thought it would be a good idea to tell Queen's entire career in just 2 hours is a fucking idiot.

    Your typical biopic with cliche after cliche. No life and no passion in the writing, editing or directing. Gets boring really fast, uninteresting and forgettable.
    It's not enough to just scratch the surface.
    The only good thing in the movie was the music.

    And thank you Academy for nominating this for Best Picture, now I can hate you even more for your complete incompetence.

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    It became a common thing, that I ask myself every time I watched a so called horror movie.
    Did I saw to many of those in my life?
    Is it so hard to get me interested?
    Am I numb, towards every attempt to create a scary scenario?
    Is a lot of gore really the only thing left that entertain me in horror?
    Or are 99% of the movies total BS, and I just need to find the few good ones?…