Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★½

This movie doesn't make it easy for me.
There are parts I really liked, but other I doesn't understood or liked at all. And the combination gives me a movie that I can only try to rate.

Let's start with a little foreword, because that's the way I like it.
I'm not a comic book fan, and I'm not a Marvel fan (that should be obvious by now). But I wished I were. To Be part of a fandom that gets this huge amount of input must be great. I have my three Lord of the Ring movies and need to rewatch them every year.
And, I must confess, that after seeing all the MCU movies to this point was an interesting experience. Although I didn't know them, even though I didn't like some (Captain America) and although I didn't like many of the movies, I learned to like the characters.
So I was interested how they solve this huge clash here.

Let's start with the good part. I like Thanos. He is by far the best villain in the whole MCU, and he is the most interesting character in the MCU overall. Why isn't there a standalone movie from him? Why do I need to sit through movies like Black Panther or Spider-Man Homecoming when there is a character that deserves the attention. This one scene with Gamora was more interesting than 90% of the other movies combined.
At least some of the underwhelming characters in there own movies get their time to shine here. Doctor Strange was awesome. Even though he felt rather weak, compared to my (almost not existing) knowledge of comics. Same goes with Thor. I don't like any of his standalone movies, But he was the best character here.
As we are used to, the action is good. A lot of CGI (too much for me) but it looks fine and the fights are entertaining.

Now the negativity begins ..
Let's start with something I didn't expect to be a thing here. The pacing is awful. It feels so weird. The whole movie consists only out of fight scenes and wannabe tragic dialogues or decisions. And as I stated above, I don't have problems with the fight scenes. But there wasn't a single moment I bought any of this emotional bullshit. Especially some subplots felt rather unnecessary and disturbing, rather than interesting. Yes I look at you Vision, which I don't like at all. And your substory is one of the worst ever made. Or you Spider-Man, of whom I could not believe that I could hate him even more than I already did, until I saw the scene at the end.
It's clear to see that they just want to stretch the whole movie. Even though it happens a lot, it doesn't need to be 150 minutes long.
Next thing is the counterpart to one of the positiv statements. When some characters can shine, other need to step back. Next to all the heroes that doesn't even were in the movie was Hulk the biggest disappointment. Why is he even in the movie?

But by far the biggest dissapointment was something different. What I'm talking about is the ending. I knew beforehand what will happen, but not how. Or how they will present it. And the how was pathetic. The most family friendly genocide I ever witnessed. And there is something else that ruined this moment completely. Marvel has taught me one thing: everyone is safe as long as he makes money for Disney. And so Disney ruined everything themselves. Great Idea to announce a bunch of movies after that ending.
Nobody can tell me that they believe that something of what happens there at the end, still plays a role after the first half of the second movie. That actually made me laugh in disbelief. It's so obvious.

So far, the Russos have made my favorite Marvel films. This was mainly due to the down-to-earth action scenes and stories. That this movie wasn't going to be down-to-earth was clear to me. But they clearly overdone it.


Still .. I want to see more now, I guess they got me

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