Knives Out ★★★

Eat Shit.

Charming from the first to the last second.
A neat little crime story with a lot of ideas and a fine portion of comedy. While the story isn't as smart as the movie would like it to be. I had my fare share of entertainment.

I'm not sure if the structure of the story and the pace were a good choice. The middle section in particular is filled with longer passages of rather boring elements.

The cast, great as it may be, doesn't have a chance to show all this talent thanks to the sheer mass of talents. Not really a surprise, but still a shame.

Doesn't feel like two hours at all, and I was for the most part entertaint. Problems with the pace and too little screen time for many of the great actors can be forgiven. I'm really concernd about the rewatch value, I think showing this to a friend might be fun, but to rewatch it alone might be a big waste of time.

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