Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

If it's a good year for movies I go to the cinema like 3-4 times. I'm not a big fan of cinemas and especially of the people who go there. I'm more of a fan of relaxing at home, with a cold beer and where I can make sounds without annoying other people and without other people who annoy me.
But one thing always gives me a reason to go to the cinema. This thing is called Tarantino. So far, he has never disappointed me. And this time again, he does not disappoint me.

Going into the movie, with a lot of expectations, hopes, anticipations and obviously a little bit of fear. Normality when a new Tarantino hits theaters.
And this time Tarantino gives us something we never saw before from him. Something far away from his typical style, from anything you could expect beforehand. Something that could disappoint a lot of people who wants this typical style and the typical Tarantino feeling.

But don't worry, you still get your excellent actors and outstanding characters. One of the most detailed and best worlds. And obviously some feets. But except of that this movie will be something you haven't seen from Tarantino yet.
Almost three hours long, and you can feel that. It is long and slow, and still I wish for an extended cut with at least five hours runtime. It is rare that I lose myself so much in a movie. I want to see more of the characters, the world, the music ... of everything.

I want to see this movie again !

The story just flows by, some humor, some tension, some violence. But except of this outstanding final, nothing that would stand out too much. The movie as a whole is what makes this movie exceptional. And I don't even talk about the myriad references throughout the movie. For which, in order to recognize all of them, I would have to watch the film several more times (and I'm so up for it).

Sorry, but I'm still too rattled to find the right words right now. But It should be obvious that I'm a big Tarantino fanboy, and that I love this movie a lot. DiCaprio, Pitt, Robbie and all the other actors in this fantastic cast are all great, but let's highlight Julia Butters, who was clearly the best of them all.

Let me conclude by saying that the most humorous aspect of this film was the guy next to me. A person who, I suspect, is of the opinion that the Fast and Furious franchise is good and clearly did not had a good time.

So yeah .. awesome movie .. I love it

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