Suspiria ★★★

First let me start with saying that I'm a huge fan of the Argento Suspiria. But, because I knew beforehand that it wont be a typical remake, I watched it without any expectations or reservations.

That beeing said .. what can I say about Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria?

Let's start with the positive and say that the cinematography is absolutely brilliant. I love the different camera angles and zooms. I really loved it.
Also easy to say, but I like Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Mia Goth. So to see them all together, playing great, is good.
The score was good. Not as good as in the old one (oh no, did I really made a comparison?!?) but pretty good nonetheless.

Positive aside, I wouldn't have rated this movie that way when there wasn't something I didn't like.
Let's start with my biggest criticism, which is the length. 2 hours and 30 fucking minutes. What the actual fuck? The first hour dragged on like eternity. Thank god the second half did get better.
The problem is, that there isn't a mystery or something. There is nothing you need to think about until the climax at the end. You get everything from the movie. No thinking about who is the good and who is the bad one. They show everything you need. No suspense and no thrill.
I mean, I started not to care anymore about reviews that tell me how scary a movie is. Because I know that my sense for horror is nothing normal anymore. But still, I did at least expect some kind of attempt to create a scary atmosphere.
And don't get me wrong, the movie would have worked great as a drama, without the supernatural stuff of course. But there isn't a single part in this movie (except the end) that gives me some kind of horror feel.
Btw .. why is the RAF such a huge part of the movie? You just get it slapped in your face non stop, even though it doesn't matter the slightest. That would have saved time .. just saying.

Oh well .. so what is now?
I can't say I didn't like it, even the lack of horror and thrill. The production is great and the ending shows how the movie could have been all the time.
At least we got some boobs and naked skin at the end .. so I think I liked it?

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