The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

I couldn't wait to finally see this movie today, and thank fucking god, Yorgos Lanthimos didn't disappoint me here.

This movie made me laugh a lot. And I need to point that out especially, because it's tremendously hard to make me laugh. The only ways are fart jokes, and extremely dark humor. Thank god the movie choosed the second option. If you drop words like fuck or cunt in that amount, I can't resist to love it.

The movie looks brilliant. The scenery, the colours and the costumes are so lovely to watch. And with a great, subtle, but extreme effectively use of music, the movie gets a really unique style. I especially fell in love with the camera angle they choose at some times.

It isn't really a secret anymore, but the acting it top notch. All three lead actresses are phenomenal. I couldn't get enough from seeing Olivia Colman shuffling through the halls. Or seeing Emma Stone playing her little game, especially together with Nicholas Hoult (who was also amazing). And of course, Rachel Weisz shooting pigeons.

It all adds up to a fantastic spectacle that you can not resist.

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