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  • Oldboy
  • Love Exposure
  • Battle Royale
  • Tokyo Gore Police
  • Audition

Movie Collection

486 films

Just an overview over all my dvds and blurays

  • Audition
  • Martyrs
  • I Saw the Devil
  • The Eyes of My Mother
  • Tokyo Gore Police

Cinema Extreme

235 films

Go Fuck Yourself Mainstream !

Disturbing, sick, inhuman, bizarre, gory, perverted or alarming. The more the better. Fake snuff, terror…

  • I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
  • Memories of Murder
  • Cure
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
  • Beautiful

Pile of Shame

71 films

Movies I bought a long time ago but didn't watched yet. Even though I have high hopes for a lot…

  • Love Exposure
  • The Handmaiden
  • Oldboy
  • Fight Club
  • The Shining

Top 101 Favourite Films

101 films

The first time I wanted to make such a list was over a year ago, when I reached my 1000…

  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Schindler's List
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Se7en
  • Trainspotting

My life in films: My favourite movie of every year I'm alive

28 films

I prefer this idea to keep track of my favorites each year, rather than creating a top 10 every year…

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • The Avengers
  • Iron Man
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Iron Man 3

MCU Ranked

19 films

After I've seen almost all of them I rank them, and add new ones after I saw them.

  • Funny Games
  • The Witch
  • In My Skin
  • Angst
  • Aliens

Horror October watchlist 2018

31 films

One year is gone, and we're back to this. The best month of the year is upon us, and with…

  • Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies
  • Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle
  • Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure
  • Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone
  • Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest

Dragon Ball watchlist

28 films

Time to go back into one of my favourite universes. I love Dragon Ball since is saw it back in…

  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Inglourious Basterds
  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Jackie Brown

Tarantino Ranked

9 films

After rewatching all I gonna rank them now.

A fair warning, I'm in love with Tarantino and love nearly everything…

  • Ju-on: The Grudge
  • The Grudge
  • Ringu
  • The Ring
  • Infernal Affairs

Originals and their (mostly but not always) bad Remakes

117 films

I add only those where I watched at least one of those Versions.

And yes I know some of them…

  • Martyrs
  • Rings
  • Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones
  • Dreamship Surprise - Period 1
  • Epic Movie

My most hated movies

33 films

Didn't mean those movies are bad in production or a disaster at the box office ..I just hate those movies…

  • The Evil Dead
  • Evil Dead II
  • Army of Darkness
  • Evil Dead
  • Three

Horror October watchlist 2017 - finished

37 films

- 31 days = 31 movies .. every day one - 4 movies for the first and the last day…