Heartland of Darkness

Heartland of Darkness ★★★

Better made than I’d figure from Visual Vengeance, which isn’t a knock on their output, but rather the quality of the filmmaking involved in Heartland of Darkness. It is competent and delivers some effective gore in necessary places. The music from Jay Woelful is too present, but it does liven up a plot that is largely running from one place to the next without making much headway in an investigation, which is really what holds the movie back. It lacks the mystery to warrant so much lollygagging about. This ain’t The Wicker Man; it’s Blood Church! Good to see Linnea Quigley here doing her usual thing, and Nick Baldasare hams it up as the villainous Donovan. It isn’t a enjoyable bad movie, but it is an enjoyable good movie with some pacing issues holding it back.

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• 1992 Horror — D Edward Ranks (24 / 39)
• Visual Vengeance — D Edward Ranks (3 / 4)

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