Signs ★★★

About half of the writing in this movie is great. Particularly when M. Night isn’t writing dialogue and building suspense, this movie’s on point. There are some good dialogue-driven scenes too, but the other half of the writing is the kind of gobbledygook that would plague Shyamalan’s worse films. The kids in particular sound so ridiculously pretentious. There are weird specificity in descriptions characters give, and they like to talk rather than take action when aliens are breaking into the house. I mean, I get it, but also, like, what are you doin’, chief? 

Don’t even get me going on the twist. I could write a master’s thesis on that bullshit, both scientifically and narratively. Just, fuck off lol

Like with The Village, M. Night Shyamalan benefits immensely from the talent he surrounds himself with, but Signs has more going for it beyond the style. The direction and writing are uneven but have their moments, while the music and cinematography are great. It’s the best of his films I’ve seen so far, but there are a couple others I think might top this one.

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