The Unnamable II

The Unnamable II ★★½

What I appreciate about this sequel is that it not only brings back the main characters from the previous film but builds upon the lore established in the first film. A considerable portion of this movie is spent with Randolph Carter as he explores the origins of the Unnamable and how to combat it. That is the first half’s focus, and while it can run a little on the dry side, the plot is aided by John Rhys-Davies as well as a brief appearance from David Warner. The second half is a slashing good time, though it feels significantly tamer than the first movie. I don’t know if I just saw a censored version or not, but I suspect that’s just how it is. Some of the sound design is unsatisfactory too.

But the ambition and heart of this film is good, and so it’s hard not to enjoy it on some level. 

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