Very unlikely that I'll place any film on the favorite section. I enjoy a little bit of everything.

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  • In the Blood

  • Invasion

  • Al Hawaii

  • El alcalde de Machuchal

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  • In the Blood

    In the Blood

    Yes, because a man can fight, run, and swim 2 minutes after a bone marrow transplant... I know it's an action flick, but seriously?

    Danny Trejo's character is so out place and doesn't fit in at all in the movie.

    And you'd think with PJ López's 30 years of experience as DP, the movie would have more decent cinematography.

    On the plus side, some of the fight scenes were badass. That's the only plus side.

  • Invasion


    "El tiempo es como las hojas de verano, que van cayendo y van cayendo y, al caer sobre lo que está sobre la tierra, oculta lo que está sobre la tierra. Entonces eso es lo que ha sucedido de la invasión a esta parte y a las partes siguientes o subsiguientes ya se ha ido mitigando, olvidando. Hay una nueva generación que no conoce. Hay una nueva generación que no se le habla de eso. Hay una nueva generación que se le confunde. Hay una nueva generación que se le niega saber. Entonces nadie se acuerda de la invasión."

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  • La operación

    La operación

    "Porque ya no habían niños pa' los primeros grados..." - Vicente Acevedo Ballester

    It kills me being only the 5th log on letterboxd for this film. Before the 1980s, there were no female directors in Puerto Rico. La operación is essentially the first woman directed film in PR. Not only that, Ana María García covers the policies of population control used in the island, a topic which, to this date, is not taught at our schools. The sensitive testimonies make it…

  • Scream


    "Not in my movie." - Sidney

    Too bad I saw Scary Movie first than I saw this one. Ruined some of the moments for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯