Cinema Puerto Rico: una antropología visual

"Me viene a la mente una anécdota que vivimos en Cannes, el festival de Cannes, después de la proyección de Dios los cría..., la primera, para reflexionar lo mucho que contribuye el cine a proyectar la imagen de los países y su cultura. Después de la proyección dialogamos con la gente y había un periodista francés que me decía:
   - Pero una pregunta, ¿esa película usted la considera puertorriqueña?
   - Sí, pues claro Dios los cría... es una puertorriqueña.
   Volvía a insistir él, '¿pero se basa en realidades vividas en Puerto Rico?'
   - Sí.
   - ¿Y esos actores, todos son de Puerto Rico? ¿Y así es que hablan en Puerto Rico?
   - Sí. 
Y le dije yo: 'Perdóname pero ¿cuál es la imagen que usted tiene de Puerto Rico?' Y él me dice: 'West Side Story' con la mayor candidez posible." - Jacobo Morales

Sums up pretty well the different phases of our cinema till today and provides much needed context and background to understand why certain topics stand out in each of the phases. Eduardo Rosado's knowledge took me by surprise and definitely deserves the spot he was given in the doc. It seemed to glaze over the current industry in contrast with all the details it presented from all other phases. Maybe it was to emphasize their last point, which I don't completely agree with, but at the same time don't disheartenedly disagree with, if that makes sense. All in all, a much needed documentary everyone needs to watch.

Also, sidenote, did not know Marcos Zurinaga directed Harris' Los colores de mi tierra commercial! Everybody in the movie theater sang when this commercial came on. EVERYBODY. So much so it is known as our movies' hymn.

*Quick translation from quote above: Jacobo Morales shares an anecdote on the role cinema plays in proyecting a country's image and culture. After Dios los cría... is shown in Cannes, a french journalist asks him if he considers that film as Puerto Rican, to which Jacobo answers yes. The journalist insists on asking if it's based on realities lived in PR, if the actors were from PR, and if that's the way they speak in PR. After answering yes a few times, Jacobo asks him what was the image he had of PR, to what the journalists answers: West Side Story.