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  • Those Love Pangs

    Those Love Pangs


    Mashers bickering over women. Usual Keystone trite. Doesn’t make much sense for the most part. Not going too hard on this one only because of the ending which I found quite funny, especially Sir Chaplin’s reaction.

  • The New Janitor

    The New Janitor


    The Tramp is no masher here, thankfully, and is likeable. There’s no juvenile brick-throwing, or an over-abundance of kicking each other for no reason. The plot and premise both are fresh and quite distinct compared to the other Keystone-Chaplin collaborations. Entertaining and memorable, though not hilarious.

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    The roots of my love for Cinema traces all the way back to 1993: the year I got to watch a Hollywood blockbuster on big screen for the first time - "Jurassic Park".

    Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest pioneers in movie industry today. Some might claim Christopher Nolan as a worthy competitor, but where Spielberg scores unrivalled is in the closely spaced yet gigantic leaps he has taken over the course of his career, across genres. Take "Duel".…

  • Thugs of Hindostan

    Thugs of Hindostan

    Aamir Khan never disappoints. But sometimes, his films does. ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ is one such case. Save for Aamir Khan’s quirky ‘Firangi’ (with a great deal of the ‘Jack Sparrow’ hangover, of course) and Kat’s sizzling hot ‘Suraiyya’, nothing catchy or exciting is offered other than what we’ve already seen in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films. Predictable af, right from the pre-credits. I fell asleep in between (highly unusual), and I went in back some 5-10 minutes after the second half commenced (highly, highly unusual). Boring. So much resources wasted for nothing.