Logan ★★★★½

"So this is what it feels like."

It's official. James Mangold's gorgeous swan song for an iconic character, Logan, possesses that quality that defines every great film: it gets better with each new viewing. While re-watches certainly don't provide anything too mind-blowing, they've certainly opened up my eyes to little nuances and touches that flew over my head before. (One of many examples, and my personal favorite: Logan's line about how Laura can kill people, but isn't allowed to hear "a few naughty words" is a subtly hilarious critique of the bullshit MPAA-rating system.) Not only that, but re-visiting Logan has made me realize that this is a perfectly constructed film, in that there isn't a single scene, moment, etc. that feels like it should have been left on the cutting room floor, and there isn't a thing that feels missing from the final product. This is a tremendous film. That final shot will make me tear up every single time.

(On a more down-note, the switch from watching the Noir version previously to watching the color version this time around was a bit jarring. I think I'll stick strictly with the gorgeous B&W format from here on out.)

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