The Master

The Master ★★★★★

The filmic version of the post-war novel. No other film so elegantly captures the fractured American identity of the post-war world and the meandering of all man in search for satisfaction. One of the most quintessential films about the human condition in contemporary cinema, The Master is also the *most* Paul Thomas Anderson film ever made. The uniqueness of his voice and artistic vision here has always been astounding. Few other films from the past handful of decades have possessed such a wholly original purpose and diction that feels distinctly linked to one man's filmmaking powers. His achievement here is staggering, in this monument of a film that is never anything short of viscerally and emotionally resonant. There's nothing better than superb actors flowing through a languid, slippery narrative, one that doesn't have a projected course of progression but instead lets itself play out, naturally moving towards entropy. It's truly novelistic storytelling at its finest, all the while being a testament to everything that film as a medium is exclusively able to achieve.

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