Ice on Fire ★★★½

Intelligent, foreboding and large in scope for a subject that is timely, critical and highly divisive.
I really applaud how the film respects the audience's intelligence for the most part. Where that falters a little bit is through some of the narration which continually hangs its hat on phrases like "scientists are racing to find." To be fair though, the filmmakers have to be careful because they care about being honest and know that the slightest crack in the armor will lead to a wave of dismissives.
I do feel that VICE has been doing a ton of reporting on these very issues over the past few years and so despite this all being in one place - and a great primer for the uninitiated, it wasn't much that I hadn't seen. But I'm not the only one seeing this, and DiCaprio carries some weight. So I'm very grateful that this was made - and made sensibly.