• Almost There

    Almost There


    Strange fever dream that bridges individual lunacy with universal acceptance. Going everywhere and nowhere all at once.

  • Yo! My Saint

    Yo! My Saint


    Reckoning with the gaze.

    Karen O fucking rocks. And Ana Lily Amirpour is able to craft enough cinematic fashion musical interblends to keep it interesting.

  • 32-Rbit



    Disarming Spanish rotoscoped diatribe of our internet self-digestion and the inevitable collapse of humanity. Nihilistic but like a car crash where you can't avert your gaze.

  • Freeze Frame

    Freeze Frame


    Very intriguing and beguiling Belgian stop motion piece that phenomenally captures a time and place. Both visuals and aurals are complex and textural.
    The film itself looks back over hundred years at ice harvesters working far north. And there's something in this attempt, to harness, capture, preserve that is gorgeous, the mark of investigation, and self-relexive to the point of futility.
    A parable for the art of filmmaking - it's also a look at the inevitable failure of the desire to freeze time. Time stops for none. And so they find themselves at the other end of the microscope,as it were.

  • Sauvage



    Bizarre and very funny. Definitely a prototype of sorts for some of what Paul Cabon would work on later in Tempete sur Anorak.
    I find this kind of weird glee quite delightful.

  • Storm Hits Jacket

    Storm Hits Jacket


    I did this utterly bizarre and hilarious film utterly.

  • Three Fitted Flies

    Three Fitted Flies


    Bizarre piece of work, with fantastic perspectives and textures. No doubt, this is a bit on the obtuse side - if that's your fancy. Left me feeling impressed but incomplete.

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    No Knock

    You explained it to me, I must admit,
    But just for the record, you were talking shit
    Long rap about no-knock being legislated
    For the people you've always hated
    In this hellhole that you, we, call home

    No-knock, the man will say
    To keep that man from beating his wife
    No-knock, the man will say
    To protect people from themselves

    No knockin', head-rockin', inter-shockin'
    Shootin', cussin', killin', cryin', lyin'
    And bein' white
    No knock

    No knocked on my…

  • Bat Time

    Bat Time


    Night-time is the right time for little bat - who only wants a friend. Nice children's animation again from Elena Walf and though the pacing isn't quite on the mark, the musicality is especially sweet.

  • Some Thing

    Some Thing


    This is a pretty top notch short animation for kids. I'm sure people for all ages can enjoy it - and I certainly did - and I'm looking forward to sharing it with my son (5 years old currently).
    Elena Wall has crafted a film that looks deceptively easy, but its made with a ton of craft.

  • The Looking Planet

    The Looking Planet


    Enjoyable and ambitious. Was waiting for either the humour or crazyness to hit another level but its still fun.
    Hearing the father curse his son for always creating entropy was my favorite bit for some reason.

  • Myself: Smoke

    Myself: Smoke


    I really wish Andreas Hykade had kept making these Myself films. It's got a touch of Hertzfeldt, but with his own spin. And the manner in which the direct address to the audience creates kinship, humour and frustration is very well done.