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  • Curses



    Probably my favorite Mack video so far - ecstatically synthesizing the collage aesthetic with a throbbing, dancing psychedelia,

  • August Song

    August Song


    Joyful collagimation but there's a long section in the middle that drags.

  • Eva



    Now that I've watched all 3 parts I can appreciate this very idiosynchratic profile a little better.
    Part 1, with mirror doppelgangers is the most interesting. The second part has Noe's ubiquitous upside down camera while she's poolside. The third is the most benign and objectifying.

  • Ritual



    Simple film from Noe that deals with young sexuality and cultural traditions. Made as part of the 7 Days in Havana collection. It's not to say that Noe hasn't leaned into an interesting subject, but it's strangely cold in execution. The thumping drone music certainly keeps reminding me that I'm in a Noe film, but the film really suffers from the decision to have zero characterization which unfortunately makes the whole film objectifying and rather boring by the end.

  • Sodomites



  • The Turtle's Head

    The Turtle's Head


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Really disliked this at first, but then he fucks himself.

  • C'est La Vie

    C'est La Vie


    Holy crap.

    Furious styles from Ari Aster taking the confessional shorts a little further.

  • Basically



    Ari Aster's monologue film Basically has an insufferable privileged LA ingenue as a lead, speaking directly to the camera in a spew of self importance. But Aster's camera - which is now a very heavy camera - captures so many great nuances and the environments speak as much as she does. And where these pieces often become incredibly trite satires, the detail in the writing really elevates this to something else.

  • The Ark

    The Ark


    Batshit wtf remix of a bible tale by Christobal Leon & Joaquín Cocina. This is lo-fi filmmaking at its most idiosynchratic. A puppet film by people who can't really make puppets or puppeteer them. A bible story set in outer space with no dialogue and a willingness to go wherever they want. There's so much moxy in this, that I tip my hat. These guys would go on to make some extraordinary stop motion films and this is a genesis project for them.
    Where they cam up with fusing Eraserhead with Noah, I'll never know, but I'm forever scarred.

  • Hollyshorts Greeting

    Hollyshorts Greeting


    I love these Lynch festival intros. So utterly him.
    And that's lots of good advice right there unless you're a lonely donut hole.

  • Question Period

    Question Period


    Documentary that says so much by not answering a single question.
    It's in the questions that so much meaning is derived. We learn from what people ask.

    A beautiful way to look at people in transition - by hearing the questions that stand out to them.

  • A Short Film About Tegan & Sara

    A Short Film About Tegan & Sara


    A joyful portrait is pretty good way of describing this - but I think a little less 'loveliness' could have made it more interesting.