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  • Dreamscape



    I really hate Dennis Quaid's face so fucking much. Besides that, I couldn't get into anything going on. If I can't even get into David Patrick Kelly turning into a stop motion snake man, it's a sad day. The soundtrack's fucking trash too.

  • Dark Harvest

    Dark Harvest

    A huge pile of shit. Worse than the hangover I had this morning.

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  • Christmas Evil

    Christmas Evil


    This was a goddamned treat after suffering through Elves a few days ago. A man’s journey into insanity, with some holiday spice. A genuinely under appreciated gem. This might have to be a new Christmas tradition for me.

  • Dune



    An unenviable task that is by no means a classic. There is absolutely no way in hell that this was gonna turn out well. With that said, I fucking love Dune with all my heart. Watch it a few dozen times and maybe, just maybe, you will too.