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  • The Quatermass Xperiment
  • Quatermass 2
  • Quatermass and the Pit
  • Quatermass

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  • The Phantom of the Opera


  • Skinamarink

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  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    It’s one of those nights where I’m too tired to wanna think about anything, so I just watched Season of the Witch and ate an entire bag of popcorn for dinner. Watch out, I’m living my best life over here.

  • Creepshow



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I think I relate to Steven King’s character more than any other in the history of film. Not so much the turning into a moss monster and shooting myself in the face, but the staying up way too late watching crummy TV while getting completely trashed part.

    Leslie Neilsen’s velour tracksuit is pure sex.

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  • Skinamarink


    Is this some zoomer “fear of liminal spaces” type shit that I just don’t get or something, because the scariest part for me was when the toilet disappeared.

  • Day of Anger

    Day of Anger


    It's another Van Cleef spaghetti western so I don't have a lot to say. Van Cleef is godlike as always, Giuliano Gemma plays a huge himbo, and Riz Ortolani's score is a real banger. A very fun watch.

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  • The Candy Snatchers

    The Candy Snatchers


    The Candy Snatchers is a hard movie to describe. The only thing that comes to mind is 'tonal whiplash'. The movie is constantly switching between being darkly comedic and just completely misanthropic, but somehow it manages to make it work most of the time. It all comes together in the end to make a well-made exploitation heist flick with some surprisingly snappy dialog that will leave you feeling mildly miserable.

    Also, if anyone that works at Vinegar Syndrome is reading this, I would not be opposed to you putting out a "Coors Breakfast of Champions" t-shirt.

  • Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship

    Ghost Ship: ⭐

    The nap I took while watching Ghost Ship: ⭐⭐⭐