Ritual ★★★★★

When you live in your own murderous repetition of insipid dreary, you often find escape in someone else’s monotonous cycle.

This is love, life, and death.

When you learn the minutiae of a persons daily habits, you discover that persons depth, for better and for worse.

In that discovery you inevitably find your own depth, your own passion, for better and for worse.

 Before this you may have felt like you were dying, like nothing could pull you out of a machine where you are an insignificant cog in a grand scheme that would work just fine without you.

You feel this until someone finds you and acknowledges the insignificant details in you, thus making them significant.

From then on, those days are no longer your death, but a rebirth.

Each day is a new day, a new you, your birthday. Love yourself, love your company, love your rituals.

They are you.

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