• Death Kappa

    Death Kappa


    You had me at “Right-wing Nationalist Hideaki Anno turning people into fish.”

  • Morbius


    Yep, still sucks shit

  • Avatar



    Aight so through the process of making fun of James Cameron for making 4 new movies in a span of 6 years to a movie that has not been relevant or impactful since its release well over a decade ago I have accidentally gaslit myself into loving this movie.

    Yes it is stupid, yes it has awful writing, acting, sometimes the music but I cannot deny its enchanting atmosphere and beauty. I have seen this movie well over two dozen…

  • Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


    I guess I liked it? I should probably start this off by saying I was only really interested in this because I really enjoy what I have seen from Sam Raimi’s filmography. He has directed many of my personal favorites and is one of the most important directors in helping form my taste. I simply adore the man and how he approaches filmmaking. With that being said, this is a messy, messy, messy movie for a number of reasons.


  • #realityhigh


    Props to the writers for wanting to write a “Mean Girls/John Hughes” type of story (their words not mine) for people of color to better see themselves in those roles. It’s a valiant effort and I’m sure they’re happy with what they made. With that being said, painfully bland, ugly, unfunny, boring, cringe, and exhausting. Also that Shannon kids car has some seriously concerning Nazi undertones.

  • ¡Ay, mi madre!

    ¡Ay, mi madre!


    Fuck you avgms I’ll get through this shit watch me!

  • PAW Patrol: The Movie

    PAW Patrol: The Movie


    Nah y’all got me fucked up. I understand this is primarily targeted towards children but there’s layers to this shit man. I was ready for this to be fascist propaganda like I have seen so many claim but it’s the complete opposite. The entire point of the film is to not allow governments to have so much control over public policies that are potentially not only harmful to the municipality they serve under but the people as well. The paw…

  • Election



    Having an extremely hard time focusing on this due to life stuff. I really want to revisit this at a better time to fully soak it in. From what I could gather though is that this is a really great organized crime flick with a lot of atmosphere and charisma thick enough to chew on. A rewatch is needed for this like no other.

  • Diner



    Diner has this straight up perfect opening overfilling the brim with liveliness and explosive colors that is impossible not to adore. Unfortunately, like other live action manga adaptations I have seen before, it derails (or more accurately is forced back onto a rail) into something formulaic and routine. The cast, while vivacious and somewhat interesting, leaves no time for the main character, Ooba Kanako, to truly soak up what inevitably becomes a wasted atmosphere. The colors get lost in favor…

  • Morbius



    A lot to say, will update

  • The Face of Another

    The Face of Another


    (Secure the bag, know what I mean? Banrisk on the beat)
    (Ayo, Perish, this is hot, boy)

    I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time
    Stare at the ceiling while I hold back what's on my mind
    And when they ask me how I'm doing I say, "I'm just fine"
    And when they ask me how I'm doing I say, "I'm just fine"
    But the fact is
    I can never get off of my mattress

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel