Parasite ★★★★★


Here we have an audacious, engrossing, unexpected masterpiece! Every ounce of praise is completely justified. This deserves all the accolades. Cinema can cease to exist after this film and I'd be happy it ended with a Bong...

With that enthusiasm out of the way, this examination can proceed. Bong Joon-Ho takes threads from genre yarn balls and weaves a glorious basket that balances and flows between these wildly clashing tones without a hitch. He creates complex characters with individual perspectives and interesting arcs, all brought to life by a terrific cast. This film is excellently crafted with layers (literally AND metaphorically), bringing tons of substance to the table that can still stay fresh upon rewatch. Also to be found: brisk pacing, beautiful production design, fantastic cinematography, smart editing, and stunning music. In the process, this strikes a nerve and feels alive!

Genuinely jaw-dropping, insanely thrilling, and quite funny, I haven't been this excited by a movie in a long time! You won't be prepared for what's in store here...

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