Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood ★★★★★

Ehrlich: "This film is scattered to the point of abstraction"
Lane: "I'll scatter his ass across the sidewalk--it'll look pretty abstract then..."

Wish I could write Q-dawg a fan letter to simply say: “I GET IT!!!!!!" Tony soprano style. Can't remember the last time I felt so completely connected to a movie's DNA in every way, and so confident that wide swaths of people have totally misinterpreted said movie. Honest to god, I truly connect with every creative choice. It's so beautiful to me. .. Bumped up to a SECURE five upon rewatch. Easily top of the year.

Oh, and I know the cultural conversation has moved on, but I just want to say that the depiction of Sharon Tate's tender internal life, the life stolen from her, the life of a budding artist not a sensationalized murder victim, is the sweetest thing Tarantino has put in any of his films, ever.

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