Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★★

I love it!
The first act is super friggin awesome, the second one is short, a little inelegant, but gets it job done quite well and the third one is a bit meh.
But this is Blade Runner minus the pretentiousness and plus some super cool set design. Everything looks awesome! Some of the tracks are pretty noice, too (although they are reworks of the tracks made for the anime afaik). The plot is in itself quite good aswell, especially in defying tropes.
Scarlett Johansson is definitely not a miscast! She played her role incredibly well and I don't really get the criticism.

I understand that the anime is probably X times better and stuff, but WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, THIS IS A SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE ADAPTATION (and a damn good one btw). Seriously, saying that this movie is bad because cultural appropriation is a non-argument. What does that even mean? That the most important thing about Ghost In The Shell is that the characters are Asian? That the story would only work with Asian people? There is even an argument to be made that it fits the plot (and the world in general).

+ I do know that a lot of the shots are pretty much the same as on the comic, but nobody complained about that in Watchmen or 300.

This is not a perfect movie, there are probably some scenes that the anime handled better, there are some scenes that would've needed better writing and a bit less explaination and a bit more emotions and personality. Especially the big baddie feels rushed and too generic, what a shame.

So, yeah, overall I liked it more than the entire BR franchise.