Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ★★★★★

Where should I start with my review of this film? How about we start with Jim Carrey. Carrey is and actor that I usually don't care for. Often in his roles, he overacts, which I find quite irritating. I've always known that he was capable of acting well but for whatever reason, he seems to prefer to act poorly. This film however, is an excellent example of his acting potential. In fact, all of the acting in this film is very well done.
I always enjoy films such as this which tell the story in a nonlinear fashion. Rather than telling the events chronologically, they are arranged in the order which they would be most effective. As such, the movie is a little confusing early on but if you stick around until the end, everything comes together nicely.
The cinematography is another excellent aspect of the film. The transitioning from setting to setting is flawless and the use of physical, onscreen lights and metaphysical, offscreen light sources to concentrate the viewers attention of the intended subject, while subtly shifting the rest of the scene out of view is brilliant.
Overall, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a fantastic film incorporating some mild sci-fi elements to create optimistic yet realistic depiction of human relationships.

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