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  • The Ancient Law

    The Ancient Law


    As a serious fan of silent movies, I watched this film on the other night, thanks to İstanbul Silent Cinema Festival. Firstly, the restoration of the film was done quite successfully. Germany is one of the most important countries of the silent film era. We see the reflections of anti-Semitism, which reached the highest point in Europe in the 19th century, in this film. While observing the different worlds of the Jews, we witness how these people could not escape…

  • La Dolce Vita

    La Dolce Vita


    Come ammiratore del cinema italiano, Fellini ha un posto speciale nel mio cuore. Marcello Mastroianni è stato un attore incredibile con una performance incredibile in questo film. La vita è fatta di scelte. A volte la vita a cui pensiamo di appartenere può portare all'alienazione da noi stessi. Questo può trascinarci all'insoddisfazione in tutti i sensi e renderci infelici. Tuttavia, alla fine, chi siamo è estremamente importante.

  • The Weeping Meadow

    The Weeping Meadow


    As an admirer of Angelopoulos’ cinema, this movie is one of my favorites of all times. I think I love Angelopoulos’ female characters. In my opinion, he had a special perspective on female characters in his movies. Being a woman was always difficult. Being a woman and most importantly being a mother during the war was much more difficult. During the movie, we witness Eleni’s pain, her suffering and the wounds that she had to carry. Angelopoulos was a child…