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  • Bedevilled



    This movie is so weird, I don't even know how to process it. It does indeed jump from 0 to 100 in terms of gore but at such a languid pace, I'm unsure if it ultimately matters.

    One could argue the first hour and half of the film is necessary to set up the third act's hyperviolence, but I didn't feel that at all. The set up felt almost too generic and a waste of character building. I'm all for…

  • Angst



    Damn, reading everyone else’s reviews, I must not have understood the film as well as I wanted to. The tension & entrapment everyone felt, I took as tedium & boredom.

    I love the style of the filmβ€”the frenetic camera, the dry voiceover, performance of lead actorβ€”but the film is largely uneventful and repetitive. You’d think being inside a serial killer’s mind would be more...elucidating. But, like I said, I’m more prone to say maybe I just β€œdidn’t get it.” Partially because I…

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  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Turns out I've never reviewed this which is unfortunate. However, I'm not surprised as behemoths of horror cinema like this become harder and harder to review as they crystallize into something larger than the film canon they originated from.

    The Thing is one of those horrors where any review grows to involve its impact in cinema. Its 5-stars incapsulate the movies its influenced, the nostalgia its bred, the pop culture language its created, and the personal connections/memories its formed...the ratings…

  • Hereditary



    ok wow!! cannot get this horrific imagery out of my head, jesus! better review to come when I re-watch it next week but damn...they really went there and delivered. The film is this awkward, jumbling, terrifying, frankenstein creature of unraveling supernatural self-destruction.

    Oh, and Toni Collette should maybe get nominated for something??