Audition ★★★★

I don't really remember what I said in the first review except probably that the "gore" is largely over-talked and not that cringey (which is still true). Regardless, the film is much creepier upon second-watch with much more tension and disturbing foreshadowing.

What I love about the film is its artificiality...what with the early 2000s digital aesthetic, Miike imbues the film with extra internet/static shots that just build upon the raw and flat images of digital. That and the incessant artificial lighting which make up the scenes. It's well crafted, and, dare I say, iconic? When half of the reviews here are just repetitions of "kiri, kiri, kiri" then you know you've made something that leaves an impact. When you have your main actress wear that red fluffy overcoat that is to die for.

I'm bumping it up from 3 to 4 stars but ratings are meaningless anyhow so who cares.

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