The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★

Fucking bonkers, a sequel distorted through funhouse mirrors, especially that off-the-rails third act.

In a lot of ways, Hooper has removed all of the grit and stark reality that made the first one terrifying and iconic. With all of that gone, the sequel's been injected with this bright campy comedy, and its easy to see how the film has slipped into cult status. As a horror, the only thing worth mentioning is that closet jump scare (!) and the forced wearing of a face mask (rip L.G.). There's also a surreal quality to the film when you watch it as a Texan--Hooper seems to have been on a crusade to make the film live up to its Texas namesake with the addition of OU/Texas weekend, chili cook-offs, and a million "hook em!"s. I can't really explain why the film's been transported from Austin to Dallas or why the family now takes up residence in a giant underground circus cavern??

Anyway, Stretch is such a fun final girl, easily the best aspect of the film. I wish she had gotten to do more in the third act besides squirm and squeal in front of Leatherface's chainsaw dick

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