The Witches ★★★

Totally and inexplicably British, this adaptation of Dahl's near-fable borders on something too disturbing for the intended audience. While the wide-angle insane close-ups become corny in other films, their combination with frantic editing and truly disturbing subjects (the subtlety of these witch designs) here becomes uncomfortable and horrific. The quick, unnatural transformation scenes are equally unsettling, and the film's pairing of these disturbing/disorienting techniques in a children's frame becomes terrifying. It's fucking scary especially for children (but I won't rule out that it's possible I'm carrying over childhood impressions of the film). 

Anjelica Huston is of course perfection, and she actually ends up being underutilized with hardly any meaty dialogue. The make-up by the Henson Co is, however, what makes the film and gives it a special edge and staying power. This is not a well-received or popular film; however, it's had the ability to keep pushing forward over the decades due to its unnerving visuals. Huston's transformation is particularly disturbing and genuinely hideous, making for a fairly fun film even if it hasn't aged as well as it could have.