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  • Funeral Parade of Roses

    Funeral Parade of Roses


    the peak of experimental creativity colliding with post-war anxieties to see and feel something new. arguably the blueprint for some of modern cinema’s greatest offerings but so traditionally refined, with moments evoking hitchcock and bergman. and words can’t even describe that finale. shit’s a classic!

  • House



    “You were right. This is a haunted house.”

    you could place the craziest minds in a room and they wouldn’t be able to come up with what ôbayashi conjures up in HAUSU. a kaleidoscopic nightmare that wants to be anything and everything and somehow succeeds with flying colours. it bursts with energy from frame one and it doesn’t let up for its entire runtime. every scene is crafted with so much care. it’s a movie that’s so happy it exists; it takes its one opportunity to go crazy and runs with it into the sunset. r.i.p. and thank you nobuhiko ôbayashi.

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  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    rachel sennott, thank you very much for your service!

  • Bound



    “if you want to live, you’d better start running.”

    damn it’s so good. an airtight, pitch perfect noir thriller that fully embraces its provocation as power. hilarious, nail-biting, and brutal in equal measure. come for jennifer tilly and gina gershon’s electric chemistry, stay for joe pantoliano’s masterfully deranged performance. all of this just elevated by the wachowski’s wildly creative vision. the seeds of their thrillingly original style is right here - so many instances of visually going the extra mile on extremely little. couldn’t believe some of the images they managed to conjure up. this is gonna be one I watch a few hundred more times.

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  • Parasite



    attempting to string some words together to describe PARASITE is pretty much a lost cause since it’s so damn good and no words can do it justice but I’ll try anyways.

    bong joon-ho is a master craftsman and every single aspect of PARASITE is living proof that he is undeniably one of the best, and arguably THE best director working today. there is zero fat in its 132-minute runtime, weaving pitch-black humour with heavy philosophical and political views, all to…

  • Coonskin



    Ralph Bakshi supposedly approached people in Harlem and asked them, “What’s it like being black in America?” and we got the film that is COONSKIN. an explosively surreal indictment of racial stereotypes that unfortunately loses itself in its incoherence. 

    this is a blaxploitation flick like you’ve never seen; uncomfortable in scope and intoxicating in its relentlessly vivid racial imagery, it’s difficult to absorb everything in its 83 minute runtime. however, COONSKIN definitely succeeds in its excessive edginess and it doesn’t entice…