Marriage Story ★★★★★

“Here’s a bit of earth that’s yours.” 

MARRIAGE STORY felt like therapy to me; a haven for just over two hours. with such an overwhelming script and powerhouse performances across the board, Baumbach has never been better. MARRIAGE STORY wonderfully and precisely functions through its conversation and confrontation. a goldmine of dialogue and verbal artillery explosive enough to elicit a strong reaction from anyone and everyone. 

Driver and Johansson are a match made in heaven. so painfully human. every line they utter can either build, repair or destroy. every song sung, bedtime story read, argument hashed out feels tender and Baumbach walks such a fine line and somehow structured everything to perfection. also Randy fucking Newman didn’t have to go and kill me with his score like that. MARRIAGE STORY accepts everything love and companionship has to offer, embraces the flaws and failures and soars in the tiniest moments.

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