Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★★

"it's hard to believe what's happening. the brutality of it"


not hard to understand the hate for this film among fans of most modern blockbusters as experimentation in blockbuster cinema is something people keep asking for yet still seem to be too lazy to appreciate if they actually get it. it's not easy to see the hero you've got to love and cheer for in the first two films turn into an unlikable asshole for the most part of this but it is easy to criticize this film for reasons like that. it might be hard for some people to sit through actual deeply sad character drama when what you're expecting is a fun cheesy blockbuster, to witness the absolute absence of the heroic tale of self discovery of the film's predecessors and instead get to see characters getting sucked deeper and deeper into an inescapable maelstrom of heartbreak but once you acknowledge what this film really is and once you accept that this is not a usual superhero tale the film rewards you with actual emotional depth and pure honest catharsis.
what i do not understand though is the amount of self proclaimed cinephiles hating on films like this as there's so many films that are more commonly respected than this masterpiece that people love for reasons that would apply to this film as well, i get that this kind of presentation might not appeal to everyone but i really wish more people would start to be more open towards films outside of their comfort zone and realize that there can be lots of artistic value found in films where you might not expect it (i don't want to force anyone to like this film or anything if you don't go ahead it's your opinion ofc).

anyway this is still probably the peak of what 21st century blockbusters have to offer, features some of the most profoundly heartbreaking moments in the history of cinema, probably the finest character writing in any comic book film ever and some of the greatest action sequences ever put to screen (both peter v harry fight scenes are PHENOMENAL). i forgot how painful parts of this are to watch, it's a deeply sad film even the extremely cathartic ending can't hide the darkness that lies over this entire film. it also looks fucking gorgeous, undoubtedly one of the best looking superhero films, the cgi holds up very well except for maybe one scene. people who call this film unintentionally funny have no idea what they're talking about and apparently don't understand that such a thing as intended humor that isn't a generic spoken out unfunny joke exists. a masterpiece, by far the best of the trilogy, one of the great cinematic achievements of the 21st century.

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