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  • Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter


    Inadequate snow outfits meets neon Tokyo gunfight craziness.

  • Surface Tension

    Surface Tension


    This is really kind of great, and the way I found it comes close.

    It's a clarion call for indie experimenters. Get out there: the banal can become the surreal. No filters necessary.

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  • Breakaway



    Break the frame. Make it pay. Break away.

  • Seven Days in May

    Seven Days in May


    I expected something of a Cold War countdown, similar to Fail Safe, or its comic attache, Dr Strangelove. Instead I got a tensely-wound political thriller, quite simply detailed despite its tentacle-like story threads. Lancaster and March hold this up -- and I say this in spite of the presence of Martin Balsam and Edmond O'Brien in supporting roles.

    What struck me most of all today (and you may be sensing a pattern today) is the cinematography. The framing in some…