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  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car


    All relationships and all acts of communication come with blind spots, you can never really know the other person, you can't know for sure what they are thinking or who they are, if they mean what they say or if you are interpreting their meaning correctly. So, often you either project on them your own preconceptions or out of fear of what you will find out if you really face them, pretend to accept whatever they offer you, hide your…

  • We Made a Beautiful Bouquet

    We Made a Beautiful Bouquet


    You know society has really worn you down when you fall asleep during a Kaurismäki film.

    There is this scene in the jdrama Higuma where the main character starts crying while saying, "I am so happy." directly followed by "I am sad." and when asked why, it's simply because "This happy moment will end." I feel that jdramas and films really get that, that happiness is bittersweet because it can't last forever but that is also what makes it worth…

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  • Thumb Princess

    Thumb Princess


    She really snapped, huh?

    The little people deciding to just be little people because they didn't want to be part of society... the irony is not lost on me.

    Nastier that I expected it to be but somehow it didn't quite work, I can't put my thumb on it, though.

  • 24 Hours

    24 Hours

    I don't know how I encountered the realm of solitude. I long to talk to someone but it just seems impossible.

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  • Forgotten



    It's like someone had an idea and then they had another 20 ideas and they thought, let's just throw them all together and it may work. Well, it doesn't but i was curious to see just how complicated this could get which i guess is a win? Sort of, lol.

    I get that it's all been done before but just trying to surprise and engage the viewer by adding more and more twists is rarely successful.

    The ending/final reveal is…

  • Method


    Never trust or marry a method actor. Hot make-out, tho.