My Blood & Bones in A Flowing Galaxy

My Blood & Bones in A Flowing Galaxy ★★★

Do heroes need a reason to be heroes?

I very often find myself, while watching a SABU film, reaching a point in the movie where something happens and I think: take that back. And this was no different. Was enjoying this quite a lot during the first half but then when it all escalated, it felt too over the top to actually cause any reaction other than an awkward pause. I always go into his films keeping in mind that they operate under a kind of magical realism/anything goes vibe and as such I can't really say that the climax was out of place or not well executed, he knows his stuff and there are always beautiful images and moments in his works, but personally I felt a bit let down by how some parts played out.

Still, the idea that for every terrible act, there can be a noble one to fight it, even if it causes the hero's doom (or maybe love is our blessing and our doom?), is lovely and there is lots to like here.

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