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This review may contain spoilers.

Where to even begin with SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE...

Picture the mainstream feature animation industry. Then picture a meteo- yes you guessed it SPIDER-VERSE is the meteor that has shaken the current feature animation world as we know it, everyone bow to your new king, this is the direction big-screen CG animation should be heading in, etc. etc.

Thankfully, INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE's story completely lives up to the mesmerizingly amazing visuals. How did this movie effortlessly manage to introduce six Spider-People, the alternate dimension concepts, be as close to a legitimate Sinister Six movie as possible, set up future movies, and tell both the story of Miles Morales and a washed up Peter Parker, all at once?

Directors Peter Ramsey, Bob Perischetti, and Rod Rothman use animation to its fullest potential, realizing the true comic book movie. Animation isn't just there for funny stuffs and cute critters, animation is used to make comic art live, breathe, and amaze. It is animation in its truest form, bringing life to illustration. Try as they might, and nice and admirable as those other CG-laden live-action comic book movies are, this is the peak comic book movie. You feel the whole setting, it's immersive, the action is chaotic and - dare I say - balletic, the thrills land, the emotions land harder. I felt for all the characters, even if their screentime isn't a big amount of minutes. Some moments are terrifically suspenseful and even cringe-inducing. When a character is punched, you feel it - hard. Even more so than in live-action superhero movies.

The film also manages to be an irreverent love letter to Marvel, comics, superheroes, just about everything. The late Stan Lee has one of his best cameos yet, and the many pokes and references just land.

I could prattle on for hours...

SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE is a perfect animated movie and a perfect superhero movie, arriving at a time when the superhero genre could be in the danger of going stale, and at a time where the yearly offering of features done in the animation medium draws mixed results. Innovative, hilarious, daring, charming, epic, dark, and heartfelt... SPIDER-VERSE is the whole package.

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