Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Spiral: From the Book of Saw ★★★½

There’s always that one horror series that doesn’t ever want to die. Right now one of those series is Saw. The first 7 films were all pretty basic with the playing a game to either save your life or be killed horrifically. “Jigsaw” kind of went for a lighter tone compared to the previous entries and now we have “Spiral”. When this movie was announced with Chris Rock starring and coming up with the story, I was excited. We have never seen a big name attached to this series and now Chris Rock is involved. Not only do we have Chris Rock, but we also have the legendary Samuel L Jackson. This is a movie that could have reinvented the series. This was the one to finally up the stakes and give it a much bigger blockbuster feel to it. Unfortunately this movie offers nothing new and actually takes away what you really wanted all along...the traps. Let’s be honest, the only reason we watch these fucked up movies is to see how bad the next person is going to get it. This movie sidelined the torture games and was more in favor of a cop drama that just felt very bland and unoriginal. I get it, you’re 9 movies in and there’s not much more you can do at this point. It just didn’t feel like a Saw movie and even the twist wasn’t that good. Chris Rock had some funny moments in the film, but his acting just felt very off. I do believe with this movies ending that the next chapter could make for a better movie, but the deaths and everything else just wasn’t there for this movie. It’s a Saw movie that forgets it’s a Saw movie. Not the best in the series, but definitely not the worst. I think the movie could have benefited with a more stretched out plot and more intense trap scenes. I also don’t get where the subtitle “Book of Saw” comes from as literally nothing ever refers to a book. You’d think there’d be a “Saw traps for Dummies” type of book laying around with a title like that.