Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead

Now this is the kind of Snyder I prefer. The man’s so squarely in his wheelhouse here. Perfectly nutso set-up executed well. Even still, I thought the credits sequence was delightful until it suddenly felt extremely long- which is exactly how I felt about the whole movie! Lotta needless melodrama you coulda cut outta this one! Doesn’t need to be 148 minutes! Sometimes notes are good, Netflix!

Caught myself awed at the beautiful framing of a shot and thinking “man Snyder really knows what he’s doing even without Larry Fong” and the very next shot was a shout-out to Larry Fong :) Truly love that Snyder loves his people :) Again though, wish he loved his editor more :) it’s still fuck Chris D’Elia all day :)

edit: fuck... say what you will about zack snyder (too easy) but as someone who love love loves a proper title sequence, i really do respect that he cares so much about making one!!

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