Bombshell ★★★

“There’s no audience for that side of the story.”

Having real Three Billboards syndrome as I watch this a second time and go "wait... uh... why did I like this a lot the first time."

Somehow, this movie feels both too general and too specific. All the shots they take at Fox are couched in jokes, so they feel kind of toothless and secondary, and all the movie has to say about corporate sexism seems so focused that it feels like they’re suggesting this sort of misogyny is a Fox-specific problem.

The only real shot it wants to take at Fox is on how they treat women. Which– good! You should address that! But, uh… the beast has a million eyes. Weird to poke one and call it a day! Especially when this just feels like it’s using Fox as set dressing for the greater story of how misogyny is bolstered by powerful men. I think the most damning thing this movie has to say about Fox News is that their best anchor married a man who knows she's fearing for their life but still spent two weeks planning a “fun” scare on her!!

Rob Delaney, Brigitte Lundy-Paine & Liv Hewson aren’t getting enough credit for how good their supporting roles around Megyn Kelly are! I also don’t believe Brigitte had come out as non-binary until long after the film was finished, but how rad that two non-binary actors have such large supporting roles in this film. Does it factor into my feelings on the film? Nope! I just think they’re neat!

Absolutely wild choice for my final watch of 2019!

EDIT: no longer my final film of the year, thanks to ford v. Ferrari. if only I had a metaphor for an object suddenly overtaking another object in the final moments of a time crunch but hmmm

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